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RX1 Rii – Review in progress – part 1

This might take me a while. An indeterminate time, like weeks, months or more. I’ll add pics as I shoot some. But just the one¬†tonight.

It arrived today. After a couple of days in DHLimbo.

A couple of hours in and I’m able to say:

  • It’s so much more solid in the hands than i’d imagined it could be
  • A couple of minutes and you begin to appreciate it really is at a different level vs little brother RX100 series build quality;
  • It’s hungry for batteries .. very hungry;
  • Amazing image quality, feels effortless to get great results
  • Incredible resolution .. can’t begin to believe how deep one can peek into pictures
  • Pictures have a genuine depth / three dimensional feel

Ok it’s my first full-frame camera. I waited years to take the plunge, afraid of what i’d end up spending on lenses. This one’s a good entry because it already has a phenomenal lens and I can’t exactly waste money on more lenses for it. I have plenty of experience with plenty of smaller ones. No point in listing them all here. This one will kill them all when it comes to picture quality.

But there’s always more to a camera than image quality. Of course we desire the best iq but an operating system can make or break the user experience.

Right from the beginning I found Sony have fixed a couple of things I feared they wouldn’t:

Most importantly (for me): Now we can explicitly define the slowest shutter speeds the camera will reach before it begins to increase ISO in aperture priority mode. Absolutely perfect, at last, thank you Sony!

Not as important, but very nice to have: we can choose to enable or disable Auto ISO in Manual mode, and, much like the Ricoh GR in its TAV mode, if we enable Auto ISO in Manual mode , we can actually apply quick exposure compensation. Wow. Ok , many will never need this. For most of us manual should be purely manual. But on this camera I can have it both ways. Pure manual , for, e.g. tripod shooting at night. Or, Ricoh TAV “styled” manual for street shooting.

No pics to share yet. Sorry. Boring. But the details above have me quite excited and anxious to get out and shoot some street to see how it goes in the “real world”.